What is Basecamp (Videos and Feature Overview)

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  1. Message boards and comment threads.

    Basecamp’s threads keep discussions on-topic and in-context so the whole story stays together in a way that’s easy to follow and reference for the record later. You can comment directly on anything in Basecamp. Comments are designed in a way that people can respond over time as their busy schedules permit.

  2. Real-time chat/pings.

    Basecamp’s real-time Campfire chats and Pings let you hash something out quickly, show work and get fast feedback, or just ask a question out loud when you don’t know who to ask.

  3. To-do lists.

    Basecamp’s to-do lists let you organize and divvy up work to be done. To-do lists let you break down big chunks of work into easily digestible lists that are simpler to attack, track, and complete.

  4. Docs & file storage.

    Basecamp’s docs & files section lets you visually organize PDFs, Google Docs, images, or other files into folders so everyone on your team can find what they need on their own without having to ask anyone.

  5. A centralized schedule.

    Basecamp’s schedule keeps track of all major milestones, deadlines, upcoming events, and to-dos with due dates. Dates are clearly posted so everyone can find out what’s due when. You can add Basecamp’s schedule to your Google, iCal, or Outlook calendar.

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