How to Record a Webinar Using KnowledgeConnex's GoToMeeting Platform

If you are new to GoToMeeting, we would recommend that you do a "trial" presentation following the steps below before you record your actual presentation.

  1. Go to and sign in at the upper right corner. 

    The email address is and the password will be provided to you by KnowledgeConnex.

  2. Go to "Rooms" where you will see a room that has been created for your presentation.

  3. Click on the Microphone icon to unmute your microphone.

  4. Click on the Camera icon if you want to include your webcam in the recording (a nice touch for the participant!)

  5. Click on the Screen icon to share your screen

  6. Open your PowerPoint presentation and start the slide show presentation.

  7. Click on the Rec button (record).  You will then hear an automated voice letting you know that the presentation is being recorded.

  8. Conduct your presentation.

  9. When you are done, then select the Rec button again to stop the recording.

  10. To access your recording, go to "History".  After a couple of minutes, you will see your presentation appear in the history.    You can then select the "share" button to send a copy of your presentation to the association or download the recording and upload the presentation to the location that your association directs you to upload.

That's it!  If you need assistance, please email us at

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